Peer support reminds us we are not alone.

What is peer support?

Peer support is simple. It's support that comes from someone like us. 

Peer support happens all the time: when you share stories at the park with someone you just met, offer quiet looks of solidarity in the checkout line at the grocery store, and when you call that longtime friend who also just had their first baby.

It can also be structured and take place in groups and one-to-one with mentors. Peer support offers a chance to be heard and talk about hard things, all free of judgment!

More than anything else, peer support helps us remember we are not alone.

Peer support has many super powers.

  • 1 Connect us with other parents
  • 2 Honor our individual parenting experiences
  • 3 Explore the many changes that come in parenthood
  • 4 Grow into our new role as a parent
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Connect with FREE local peer support

Whatcom County has several Peer Support offerings.  All are FREE! Groups are drop-in and do not require registration.

Please note that for all in-person groups, babies up to about 12 months old are welcome. No childcare is available.


Village Circle is on a summer break and will return on Sept. 7.

WHO: Birthing parents of all kinds

WHEN: Twice a month on Zoom

1st Thursday from 10-11:30am

3rd Thursday from 1:30-3pm

WHERE: Village circle Zoom link




WHO: All parents and caregivers, including non-birthing parents and fathers.

WHEN: Once a month

4th Thursday from 4-5:30pm via Zoom

Come As You Are Zoom link



WHO: Anyone who identifies as a dad.

WHEN: Once a month on the 3rd Friday of the month from 6-7:30pm

WHERE:  Roosevelt Neighborhood Resource Center(map).


Círculo de Alianza Latina para la Maternidad Acompañada (CALMA)

WHO: Spanish speaking mothers.

WHEN: Twice a month

3rd Wednesday from 12-1:30pm on Zoom. CALMA Zoom link

2nd Thursday from 5-6:30pm at Lynden Public Library (map)



One-on-one support with a peer provider of your choice. Join sessions via text, phone, or video chat as often as you want. Each session is about 30 minutes. Peer support providers are available in English and Spanish.

To connect, call the Single Entry Access to Services (SEAS) Line at 360-715-7485.


Having an ally in our corner is a powerful antidote to the loneliness of parenting. We all need someone to be there for us without expectations, ready to remind us that we are enough.

“It's the only time in the entire week that's mine. That time is so sacred.

“It's the only time in the entire week that's mine. That time is so sacred."

"I can say anything. It's my voice I hear back. It's really hard as a mother of two to hear my own voice."

"When you listen to other people's stories, that's when I've found that I've done the most growth as a person."

"That was the one time during the entire week I didn't have a facade up, when I was actually being me."

"The facilitators are not trying to 'fix' you, they just let you know they understand."

"Now I get it that the challenges I am having are normal and are not because I am a bad mom."

"It is such a relief to hear a mother be truthful for a change. It makes it real to me that I am not alone - that I'm not a terrible mother for feeling the way I do sometimes. It gives me hope."

"If I know that she knows what I experienced then I feel less ashamed. I can breath."