What is therapy?

There are many changes and challenges to navigate as a new parent. Working with a trained perinatal mental health counselor provides you a safe space to explore the many layers of parenthood. You can learn simple strategies for support that offer an opportunity to heal and grow in your new roles.

of parents will experience a clunky but normal transition to parenthood
may experience a PMAD (perinatal mood and anxiety disorder)
of these parents would benefit from counseling support

Therapy usually happens in one-on-one sessions over the course of many weeks, months, or even years. Together, you and your counselor will work to identify what you need to feel grounded, confident, and resilient as a parent.

Already have a counselor you know and trust? Great! Sometimes, though, this tender time of new parenting calls for a different approach. A perinatal mental health specialist could be beneficial.

Perinatal Mental Health Counselors are trained in trauma-informed care.  They use methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and trauma processing techniques like EMDR and Life Span Integration.

We truly believe you can never have too many well-trained, supportive people on your team!

Find a local counselor or therapist specializing in perinatal mental health

There are many Whatcom County counselors who have dedicated all or a portion of their practice to focus on the perinatal period. The counselors listed below have completed extensive training in perinatal mental health. We endorse their clinical work as perinatal specialists.

*Accepts Medicaid

Parents can contact individual therapists to find out if they have available space for new clients and verify insurances accepted. This network of therapists works closely together. Each provider does their best to help ensure new parents can get connected to help as quickly as possible.

Feeling overwhelmed? Any pregnant or parenting family with children up to age 5 in Whatcom County can get help connecting to resources.  The Single Entry Access to Services (SEAS) Line is here for you!

Perinatal Therapy Whatcom County

A trained perinatal counselor will help you to:

Establish and strengthen your support systems and robust self-care.

Process the pregnancy and birth experiences.

Navigate the adjustment to parenthood.

Develop concrete strategies to manage anxiety and depression.

Explore identity issues, relationship concerns, parenting strategies, and life stressors.

Find support in healing trauma, grief, and loss.

"Talking to a therapist not only helped me process some big changes in my life, it also helped me open up space in my mind and reclaim parts of myself that had been neglected in early motherhood."