Building support for Whatcom County families from pregnancy to parenthood.

We know that supporting parents is the foundation of a healthy community. When parents thrive, children can thrive. And when children thrive, only then can a community thrive.

Mood and anxiety disorders are the #1 complication of pregnancy and postpartum.  Nationally, about 15-20% of parents experience very distressing symptoms. This can include feeling more sad, disconnected, worried, angry, or overwhelmed than usual.  Parents of every culture, age, income level, and race can be affected.  

There are approximately 2,000 births a year in Whatcom County. Using national rates of 15-20%, this means about 400 local parents will likely experience some sort of mood or anxiety disorder each year. Unfortunately, only about 15% of those parents will likely seek support for their symptoms. That means 340 parents in Whatcom County may not get the help they deserve. (For an overview, see this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

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Mood and anxiety disorders are treatable.

Parenting can be overwhelming and isolating even in the best of times.

Right now, more than ever, all parents need access to informed, quality support. Since 2017, we have worked to raise awareness, train professionals, and build a robust support network for new parents.

Whether you are a new parent, concerned family member, healthcare provider, or community leader, we can support you.  We offer valuable information and ways to get involved. Together, we can make Whatcom County a place where all families thrive.